Make Your Home Insta-Worthy & Appeal To Millennial Home Buyers

DENVER, May 31, 2022  /Realty Wire/ —   Even in Denver’s scorching hot housing market, the big question sellers must ask – is my home Insta-worthy? If not, you’re leaving money on the table. According to Lending Tree, Denver is the leading metro area for Millennial (people ages 25 to 40) home buyers outpacing Seattle and Boston with 63.63% of mortgages offered to them. And these buyers, unlike their parents, demand move-in ready homes and are willing to pay well over asking for them.

Renovation Sells executes affordable pre-sale renovations and the custom designs that today’s buyers demand, all without the high-end cost, effort, or timetable. After completing more than 300 presale renovations nationally, Renovations Sells is now servicing the Denver market.

“Our average project takes just three weeks and typically includes cabinet painting, backsplashes, countertops, lighting, flooring, and bathroom refreshes,” explained Renovation Sells Denver Owner Jason Maier. “We also have financing options, so it really is a no-brainer for savvy sellers who want to get the most out of their biggest asset.”

A recent project, 6087 Westview Street, was originally going to list at $625,000, but after working with Renovation Sells in 4 weeks, it sold for $800,000, which was a 440% ROI for the seller.

“I used Renovation Sells to update the main floor of my home to make it more desirable to sell. My home had many improvements over the years, but it was built in 1957. I hired Renovations Sells in March to update my home. I listed my home on the first of April, and it sold in hours,” explained seller Linda C. “I was reluctant at first, thinking why renovate when it’s a seller’s market, and I could easily get $650,000 for my home? The cost to renovate was $40,000. I sold my house for $800,000, which was way above my expectations. Quite an increase in my earnings for a small investment.”

The Denver market has been an extreme seller’s market for over a year, but things are now shifting with the rising interest rates,” explained Theron Johnson, REALTOR® with Thrive Real Estate Group. “It usually depends on the property, but the nicer homes – with an updated kitchen and/or bath – generally go for around 10-15% over asking… sometimes more! People spend so much time in the kitchen, so having something that is nicely updated will often sway someone’s decision to purchase a home.”

To learn how Renovations Sells can help with your next listing project, contact Jason Maier via email at or by phone at (720) 361 9979 or visit

Renovation Sells makes it simple to get homes move-in ready to sell fast and at the highest price. Locally owned and operated in Denver, with 18 locations across the United States, Renovation Sells executes affordable pre-sale renovations with the customized design that today’s buyers’ demand, all without the high-end cost, effort, or timetable. On average, projects are completed in as little as three weeks at approximately $27,000. Renovation Sells is committed to providing Realtors and their home sellers with fast, beautiful, turnkey renovations carried out by someone they personally know and trust. To find out how to get your listings move-in ready and maximize your seller’s equity, visit To see before & after photos of recent projects, follow @renovationsells on Instagram.

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