Bonneau Ansley’s “Brokering Billions” is a Textbook for Success for Agents


ATLANTA, April 5, 2023 /Realty Wire/ — In newly released Brokering Billions: Secrets of the Nation’s Top Real Estate Agents, Bonneau Ansley, top Atlanta real estate agent and founder/chairman of Ansley Real | Christie’s International, reveals his childhood diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia, and credits these “perceived liabilities” as “superpowers” that helped him build a billion dollar business, and earn more than $25,000 per day over the last two years. The book, which scaled to #3 on Wall Street Journal’s weekly bestseller list, and #1 on Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestseller lists, is a textbook for success with both motivation and proven tactics for new and seasoned agents wanting to dramatically increase their sales. Available now via download and in print from, Barnes & Noble, or

“When I was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a kid, the idea of becoming one of the top people in any profession seemed unreachable. But I wanted to show everyone that the dyslexic, ADHD misfit could be wildly successful in business and also help others do the same,” says Ansley. “If I can go from one listing in 2009 to personally selling more than $920 million in residential real estate in 2021 and 2022, I know the sky’s the limit for anyone.”

Passionate about tapping into talent and enabling others to experience extreme success, Ansley encourages others to view their (or their child’s) ADHD or dyslexia diagnosis as their own “golden ticket to success.” Says Ansley, “In a world of over-medicated kids, I want anxious parents to be encouraged by how I’ve turned my perceived liabilities into a thriving business. Most of all, I want to inspire others, especially those who, like me, had been told their whole life that they weren’t good enough or smart enough to succeed in business.”

In Brokering Billions, Ansley provides a roadmap for identifying and overcoming weaknesses. “I’ve learned that there are too many people who think their “limitations” mean their ceiling in selling real estate is limited. Whether their perceived limitations are personal (“I’m not good at marketing” or “I’m not organized”) or environmental (“My market is small” or “There’s a lot of competition in my market”), I’ve heard it all,” he shares. “But I’ve also learned that perceived limitations can be overcome by putting in place a simple plan like I did. Not only have I used this process to sell billions of dollars in real estate, but I’ve also helped hundreds of agents in my company and elsewhere elevate their business to new heights using the same process.”

Ansley continues to practice the same mindset and team-building approach, and use the same tools, systems and marketing strategies he shares in Brokering Billions, as he scales his own business, which generated over $6 billion in 2021- 2022 and is one of the most successful residential real estate agencies in the U.S.

In addition to the book, Ansley co-hosts a podcast, “Brokering Billions,” featuring some of the nation’s most successful real estate industry professionals, including Aaron Kirman and Mark Spain. Listen on Apple, Spotify, or from


Bonneau Ansley is an Atlanta entrepreneur, founder and chairman of Ansley Real Estate | Christie’s International Real Estate, and one of the top-selling real estate agents in the U.S. Business accolades include:

– $6 Billion in production, Ansley Real Estate, 2021-2022
– Over $920M in personal production, 2021-2022
– #1 agent in Georgia, team category, Wall Street Journal
– Youngest agent in Georgia to reach $1 billion in career sales
– 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, Buckhead Business Association
– Wall Street Journal Real Trends Top Team in the United States
– University of Georgia Alumni Association’s Bulldog 100 for the past 10 years, in recognition of being one of the fastest growing alumni owned and operated companies
– Georgia Fast 40 award (2019) for being Georgia’s 8th fastest growing middle-market company in the $20-$50M category

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Director of Public Relations | Realtor
Ansley Real Estate | Christie’s International Real Estate

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